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Safety Gloves

We are the PPE safety gloves suppliers in Bahrain, offering an extensive range of gloves that covers a multitude of handling applications with task-specific safety gloves to ensure that your hands are protected in the correct way.

Safety gloves add a layer of protection against dirt, grime, abrasion, cuts, and burns. Specialized gloves have a variety of coatings and linings to provide additional benefits, such as heat, cut, and needlestick resistance. Gloves are sometimes used with sleeve protectors to extend protection up the arm.

Safety Jogger Hand Gloves distributor - Bahrain

SITCO is an authorised distributor of Safety Jogger, the world market leader in Industrial Safety & Work Gloves. Safety Jogger produces comfortable safety gloves of superior quality combining optimal security with comfort. It's never been easier to handle components of different sizes in various environments, no matter what type of hand protection solution you need – mechanical gloves, cut resistant gloves, chemical gloves, etc. It's never been easier to do your job well when wearing hand protection all day long, you'll get the proper gloves for any application.

Safety Jogger Hand Gloves Distributor - Bahrain

No work can be done without your hands, so protect them! They are vital yet vulnerable. Season International Trading & Industries Company W.L.L. provides an adequate glove for each job.

Fine mechanics require a different type of glove than construction work. Different materials such as metal and concrete each have their characteristics that need another approach. The presence of fluids like oil also influences the choice of work gloves. Our range of gloves offers a solution for each situation.

Safety Jogger Allflex 4132 Safety Gloves

Allflex 4132

  • Nylon-Spandex glove
  • PU-Nitril Microfoam grip

Shield 4543

  • Nylon-Spandex glove
  • PU-Nitril Microfoam grip
Safety Jogger Shield 4543 Safety Gloves
Safety Jogger Concrete 3111 Safety Gloves

Concrete 3111

  • Cotton glove
  • Nitril grip
  • Oil resistant

Multitask 2131

  • Polyester glove
  • Polyurethane grip
Safety Jogger  Multitask 2131 Safety Gloves
Safety Jogger Prosoft 3121 Safety Glove

Prosoft 3121

  • Polyester glove
  • Foamed Nitril grip
  • Oil resistant

Constructor 2243

  • Cotton glove
  • Latex grip
Safety Jogger Constructor 2243 Safety Glove
Safety Jogger Black Nylon-Spandex glove

Black Nylon-Spandex glove

  • PU-Nitrile Micro foam grip

Leather Gloves Supplier in Bahrain

We are one of the leading leather gloves suppliers in Bahrains, offering a wide range of PPE Safety Products, Safety Hand Gloves, Hand Protection Safety Products. Our products are designed to protect your hands from chemicals, fire, heat, cold, electricity, sharp objects and other hazards.

Leather Work Gloves

  • Cow Split leather work gloves, Rubberized cuff Reinforced palm lines
  • Size 10.5 inch.
  • Available in Light, Medium, Heavy Duty.
Safety Jogger Black Leather Work Gloves

Leather Welding Gloves

Safety Jogger Tig Welding Gloves

Tig Welding Gloves

  • Grey Cow Split Welding Gloves, Size 14 inch Available.

Red Cow split welding gloves

  • Features: Full cow split leather, substantial and comfortable, easy take on/off. Customer's designs and logos are welcomed. We work with reliable factories, which can complete all your orders at the highest quality and for the most favorable price!
  • Size: 16 inches.
Safety Jogger Red Cow split welding gloves

Cotton Gloves

Safety Jogger Cotton Glove & Palm dyed knitting cuff

Cotton Glove & Palm dyed knitting cuff

  • Available in Bleached/Unbleached.

Dotted Cotton Glove Palm dyed knitting cuff

  • Cotton Gloves. PVC Dot On Single Side Or Both Side. Size:8"/9"/10" Available ,Weight : 750g/850g/900g.
Safety Jogger Dotted Cotton Glove Palm dyed knitting cuff

Industrial Latex Gloves

Safety Jogger Rubber Gloves

Rubber Gloves

  • Available in Heavy & Light duty.

Latex Gloves

  • Available in Powdered and powder free.
Safety Jogger Latex Gloves
Safety Jogger Latex Coated Polyamide & Cotton Gloves

Latex Coated Polyamide & Cotton Gloves


Protector Gloves

Black foam Nitrile Glove

  • Seamless HPPE liner with double nitrile coating
Safety Jogger Latex Black foam Nitrile Glove