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Steel Strapping Tools

The FROMM A332 is the perfect manual steel strapping tool for regular-duty strapping. Tried and tested universal sealless steel strapping tool for all applications. Reliable, rugged, and service-friendly. Characterized by their simple operation and lightweight, the A332 has become an indispensable helper worldwide. This type is available with the torque wrench tensioning system (TW model).

SITCO an authorised distributor of FROMM Steel Strapping Tools in Bahrain, provides a wide range of packaging tools, such as steel strapping tensioners, steel strapping sealers, steel strapping cutters, and also pneumatic steel strapping tools for easy usage. The steel strapping tool range is divided into manual and pneumatic tools. Manual tools are ideal for flat objects and goods with small surfaces. The advantage of pneumatically powered tools is in faster strapping, uniformly, and ideally tensioned straps plus the efficient mode of working.